5 Points to Remember About Professional Development

Many professionals find themselves overlooking the importance of ongoing professional development. You’ve worked your way into your field. Just keeping your job, however, isn’t enough! Your industry is always changing, whether it’s learning to use new materials or adhering to new environmental standards. Knowing how to answer those challenges means attending professional development and taking advantage of those opportunities on a regular basis.

1. Professional development is ongoing. You should always be learning new skills and further developing your abilities within your field. There’s no reason to let yourself be static or to miss out on opportunities! Instead, consider professional development an ongoing part of your career process.

2. Learning isn’t just for job seekers. Don’t wait until you’re looking for a job to increase your professional skills and learn more about your chosen field. You can tackle classes, attend seminars, and increase your certifications even when you’re happy with your current job–and in many cases, that will be the step that helps you reach your new career goals.

3. You need a plan for your professional development. Don’t simply attend classes haphazardly or attend seminars that “interest” you. Instead, lay out a plan. Do you have a specific career goal–for example, eventually becoming a project superintendent? Is there a skill set you’d like to add to your resume? Make those things a priority.

4. This doesn’t have to be all or nothing. You don’t have to constantly take difficult classes or arrange vacation time for every seminar. Instead, look for opportunities that fit with your existing schedule in order to improve your professional appeal without diminishing your current job.

5. Allows for a great opportunity to make connections. You never know when you’re going to attend a seminar or conference, only to meet a future employer. You might develop relationships with subcontractors or learn more about a great supplier in your area. Take advantage of professional development opportunities to make connections that will benefit you for years.

You want to rise to the top of your industry. While you’re constantly learning on the job, professional development opportunities will take that learning to the next level and allow you to make more of yourself. Don’t fall into the trap of complacency! Make your resume look better than ever as you further develop your professional skills and work toward the job of your dreams. Never stop learning new skills for your long term success.

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